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Performance Mobile Technology Solutions was founded by freelance web developer Joe Banasik to focus on small business’ technology needs so they can compete  in today’s mobile business environment. With over 16 years of experience, Joe and his team has completed hundreds of projects giving small business owners the same assets to fully utilize the www as the big guys, thus leveling the business playing field.

One advantage small business’ have over the big tech companies is the ability conduct business ethically in a transparent environment.  Big tech can no longer keep the facade of being your only technology source with all the 2020 political and COVID censorships.  Big tech info manipulation is exposed daily and will continue for the foreseeable future. (See our “In Other News…”  feed) This is advantage small business!

We will steer you clear of technology misconceptions, myths, overinflated expectations, cut through tech sensationalism and other false flags. Be Not dependent on big tech to run your business!


Performance Mobile Technology Solutions develops professional responsive design (mobile-ready) websites, mobile apps, e-shopping carts, e-commerce solutions, API Integrations, and develops customized solutions necessary to compete in tomorrow’s mobile business environment, today.


To date, Performance Mobile Technology Solutions has built numerous mobile apps, responsive design sites, custom apps, e-shopping carts, e-commerce platforms, and made countless API integrations. Our solutions have included  HTML5, Joomla!, Plesk, WordPress, Volusion, J2Store, and more. Mobile development includes platforms for Android, IOS and Progressive Web Apps. API integrations include, First Data, Mailchimp, Salesforce, QuickBooks and numerous social media platforms.

What Can We Build for You?

Performance Mobile Technology Solutions develops professional responsive design (mobile-ready) websites, mobile applications, online and mobile shopping carts, e-commerce solutions, and customized technology solutions necessary to compete in tomorrow's mobile business environment today.